The Tatreez Flat - Sapphire Blue
The Tatreez Flat is a beautifully embroidered shoe for women. They can be worn to work, social gatherings, or anytime you are in need of a splash of color. Our Palestinian women artisans work to create a cultural piece that...
$209.00 $195.00
REIGN Jute Hat in Burnt Sienna
Created for women who wear many hats, REIGN is a classic multi-functional hat with downturned brim made with natural jute straw and modern structural shape. This hat was made to accompany you from the great outdoors to chic dinner and anywhere you...
MEG Jute Straw Hat in Burnt Sienna
Welcome warmer weather with our new MEG jute straw hat. Beautifully crafted with a tall crown shape and medium-width brim to bring back the effortless classic charm. Take this hat to your next outdoor adventure or simply to style up your daily grocery shop trips!...
The Tatreez Flat - Rose Pink
The Tatreez Flat is the perfect shoe for a day at work, running errands, or a social event. Embroidered with traditional Tatreez design, this shoe will connect you with Palestinian culture. 100% handcrafted in Palestine by women artisans who have...
$209.00 $195.00
Flowers Ankle Boot - Brown
The Flowers Ankle Boot is a gorgeous autumn shoe ideal for style-conscious wearers. Show off Palestinian pride with the lovely embroidery style. The tatreez motif adorning this shoe is called "Flowers.” Our apparel is made by skilled women artisans in...
$265.00 $210.00
Tatreez Ankle Boot - Black and Ecru
The Tatreez Ankle Boot is a chic fall shoe for women that fashions the wearer in Palestinian pride through traditional Tatreez embroidery. This Black and Ecru Ankle boot is perfect for any occasion where style is called for.Darzah is a Fair...
$265.00 $210.00

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