Tips on choosing the best Jute Straw Hat this Summer

Woman wearing a wide gray hat

Let's just all agree - choosing a perfect hat is no simple task. There are so many varieties of brims, materials, colors and looks to choose from. Next time you find your noggin in need of a little protection from the sun, here are a few things you should ask yourself first.

What's your hat style?

Admit it this is the first thing you'll be seeing in a hat whether it matches your style. Or maybe let's just say does it really represent your very own self? Do you like a wide brim hat, bucket hat or maybe a classic visor hat. Once you know your style, it's just then the matter of which color suits the best on your outfit.



What purpose will the hat be serving?

Will this hat only be used at the beach or are you looking for something you can wear all year long? In what environment will the hat be used? If the weather where you are taking your hat is windy, you might wanna consider using a hat that sticks on your head. Something like a bucket hat. If it's just a nice beach visit with calm weather, wide brim hats are a great choice. If it's windy and you love wide hats, make sure it has a knot to tie.

How much protection do you want?

Protection from the sun - to be precise. Hats protect your head in two ways - they cover the top of your dome from direct sunlight and they have brims on them to protect your face and neck. A Lola Wide Brim Hat will give you great protection from the sun, while a Crochet Bucket Hat will give you great air flow to help keep you cool. If you are looking for a way to stop sunrays hitting right on your eyes, you may wanna go with a Pandan Visor Hat.

Final thoughts

Here are 4 questions you should ask yourself before choosing a hat:

  1. Do you want maximum sun protection or is good sun protection just fine?
  2. Will there be wind? Do you need a good peripheral vision?
  3. Is the hat actually going well with your outfit?
  4. How important is the fashion to you or is functionality all you need?

The reality is no hatter is going to cover all your needs, so it’s always a good idea to have a few different styles and varieties on hand.

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