5 Handmade Must Haves for the Spring


Handmade Spring Collection for Women

Spring is coming and we’re excited to hop into celebrating a handmade spring!

Choosing to be a conscious consumer is a step many people are taking. From learning where their goods come from, to supporting ethical brands, people are making powerful choices regarding their shopping habits. And lucky for you, we are making that step into conscious consumerism that much more simple!

Here are our top 5 picks to lighten up your Spring Shopping!

 1. Organic Cotton Sweatshirt ($88)

(Image: BrunnaCo)

Breathable and ultra-comfortable organic cotton sweatshirt with exquisite printed Arnoldi pattern. Arnoldi is the name of Indonesia's rare national flower which grows in the rainforest of Sumatra and Borneo. This is a perfect pick for all your occasions whether you are chilling at home, going out to meet your friends or traveling out in nature. Additionally, you can pair this sweatshirt up with Handmade Crochet Bucket Hat in Purple

2. The Tatreez Flat - Handmade Leather Flat Shoes($195)

Tatreez Flat in Pink
(Image: Darzah)
The Tatreez Flat is the perfect shoe for a day at work, running errands, or a social event. Embroidered with traditional Tatreez design, this shoe will connect you with Palestinian culture. This is one of our favorites and most loved pair of shoes. Looks classy and offers unmatchable comfort in Spring and any other season!

 3. The Jasmine Leather Sandal($75)

(Image: Bravesoles)
These strappy leather sandals are proof that pretty and practical belong together. The name Jasmine dates back to ancient Persian mysteries that speak of beauty and love. Featuring a minimalist cross ankle design that flits from dressy to casual, this will be your go-to travel sandal and evening out shoe.

4. Balinese Woven Hand Fan($34)

(Image: BrunnaCo)
Beautifully handwoven Balinese hand fan made of Pandan straws by local artisans in Ubud, Bali. Just the perfect accessories to help you enjoy the beautiful Spring & Summer weather, and also for Tropical Boho wall décor.

5. Handmade Crochet Cherry Sweater($29)

(Image: Foridol)
Alright, we know the winter is almost over, this might not be the best choice to purchase. But hey, the cold winds aren't over completely and it's always a good idea to have a stylish go to sweater (especially when it's available at such a great price!). The sweater is thick enough to keep you warn and thin enough to make sure you don't start sweating.
Let us know what you think of our spring recommendations. If you have any additions that you think are best suitable in this list, we're more than happy to know!

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