5 Reasons Why you Should Buy Handmade Shoes

Handmade Shoes from Darzah

(Image: Darzah Shoes)

Okay, when it comes to handmade shoes, I know I'm biased. Not just because we host tons of handmade shoes on our store but I personally am fan of handmade stuff. In fact I avoid factory made shoes unless I have to go jogging or gym.

The question is, why you should prefer handmade shoes over mass-produced (and with a nice machine finish) shoes. Here are some reasons I believe in:

1. Quality of Materials

Mass produced shoes are all about squeezing out the maximum profit. Let's just admit we all are aware of it. It’s about selling as many shoes as possible at the lowest cost to the company. For which companies source the cheapest leathers and synthetics, as well as use the less desirable parts of those materials.

When it comes to handmade, makers are very choosy with their materials. Each pair of handmade shoes goes through hands of an artisan. The hand chosen leather gives the tightest grain, most uniform thickness and the least amount of imperfections. The outcome is - a longer lasting beautiful shoe.


2. Long Lasting

Handmade shoes are built to last. We don't truly realize what it takes to handcraft a perfect shoe. An article I read at Standard Handmade made me realize 'a handmade shoe takes as much leather to construct as a large tote and about four times the labor'. 

Artisans spend countless hours on just one pair. That’s why we need them to last. If your shoes meant to last just a season, or half a year, those would never have been made in the first place.

 3. Unique Design

There's no denial the design of mass produced shoes is very progressive and interesting, the design of boots and dress shoes is much the same as it’s been for the last 100+ years. Even with sneakers, the design has to be mass produced, so many design risks are avoided in order to appeal to the masses.

But, aren't we more interesting and diverse than that? Don’t we all have different opinions of what we wear? Since handmade shoe companies are only creating a limited amount of any one design they are more free to take design risks, thus producing more interesting/progressive footwear. This gives us some unique shoes options that mass-producing companies will never think of.


4. Supporting Small and Medium Businesses

The giant shoe making companies are taking over the market. Honestly, this is the biggest nightmare of small and medium sized businesses. Buying from small and/or local businesses is the best thing you as a customer can do for the community, both economically and sustainably.

Your purchase is not only supporting business but creating opportunities for people that are looking to earn at least minimum wages. Small businesses hire and work with a team of local artisans. Your purchase creates job opportunities for them while retaining your style.

5. The Best Part

Handmade shoes are so unique that you'll never see the pair you are wearing anywhere in this world. Moreover, the natural design irregularities add to one of a kind nature of your shoes.

Every time you wear your handmade pair of shoes, the feeling of having something as unique as this will just make your day. The choice you made to purchase a handmade product defines your conscious consumerism and your will to help local artisans.

If you wish to own something unique, stylish, and phenomenal at the same time, check out some of our most loved shoes.

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